Controlling Objects with Information Technology.

Every vendor nowadays have their own way of controlling their devices. This devices then can be easely managed. But with that it gives us also a vendor specific tool to manage their devices.

Home Automation Systems try to support many different vendor devices to make these manageble into one system, creating a single manageble solution. This is not an easy task as each vendor have their own interface, may use closed source, or own API to interface their devices.

Having thus a lot of different ways of managing different kind of devices. Overall this can be quite unmanageble.

This made me to design a solution to have true IT manageble objects.

ITMObjects - simple to implement, control anything, use in one single management solution

ITMObjects can be created open or closed source, commercial or free, but have an open interface

As I believe - The Solution to managing anything with IT !

Lets create that one true managed IT Managed enviroment!

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